Why This Texans Running Back Will Be The NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year

September 1, 2022

Dameon Pierce has looked great in preseason, but can this Texans running back put together a rookie of the year campaign?

Ball Carrier Vision

Damien Pierce is one of the only running backs to have ever seen to not miss a single gap created for him in his first 2 appearances. Not only does he find every single gap available all over the field, but He also creates space where there is none. Finding space is one thing, making space is another. Don’t even take my word for it, check the stats, because stats don’t lie. During the two preseason games he had with the Houston Texans he showed flashes of star mentality and attitude that is carried with the role of Rookie of The Year. Along with this attitude he also averaged 7.8 yards per carry on 11 rushing attempts this preseason. Most backs in the NFL only average less then 5 yards per carry, and if they can average over that, the defense they are playing are going to have a huge problem facing the run. Pierce is proving himself an absolute force to be reckoned with carrying more than 3 YPC then the league average (4.2 YPC).

He Fears Nothing

“I like to fight for my yards. I like to punish the defense. I don’t like taking hits. I like giving hits.”

Damien Pierce

As far as this quote, we here at Texans Insider can’t say anything different. Pierce has absolutely lived up to what this quote has said so far. Earlier this preseason, during a game Pierce ran through an arm tackle by a 6-foot-3 300-pound defensive tackle. Every. single. highlight. Pierce ends up finding someone to punish, which is why you can hear the clack of the helmet from the stand. Honestly, look at the tape, Damien barely gets tackled by any single person, it takes multiple people to take him down.

Out With The Old

The offensive rookie of the year candidate (at least in our eyes) has now unofficially earned the role of RB1 and week 1 starter. This is due to the former Colts running back Marlon Mack being cut from the Texans (8/30/2022). With Mack gone and Rex Burkhead assuming the role of RB2, there will be a lot more playing time for Pierce; Now, which once was thought to be a rotation between Pierce and Mack is now a 1 man show. This also shows that Pierce is very well capable of over 1,200 all-purpose yards and will by all means get the job done as his role is elevated.

Offensive Rookie of The Year Candidacy

Right now, we can determine that during preseason no offensive rookie has shown as much grit and flashes of greatness then Pierce himself. After watching film and reading ever single stat he has to offer it’s safe to say he is coming to “show up and show out”, which is also the Houston Texans tagline this year. What if Pierce Doesn’t get that title? Well first off, it’s never too early to start making educated guesses but it’s always too early to tell exactly. There is plenty of talented offensive players that were taken this draft, but so far none are rising up as much as Pierce. The explosiveness, agility, toughness, and all-around character prove this argument an absolutely valid one, at the least Pierce will be the best rookie running back which is an accomplishment within itself. I

Offensive Rookie of the Year, Canidates So Far (Writers Opinion)
1Damein Pierce, RBHouston Texans
2 Lance McCutcheon, WRLos Angeles Rams
3Malik Willis, QBTennessee Titans
4Kenny Pickett, QBPittsburgh Steelers
5George Pickens, WRPittsburgh Steelers

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