Texans Unveil New Helmets For The First Time In Franchise History

July 12, 2022

Do the Texans have the best alternate helmets in the entire NFL?

The Houston Texans have got a new look. On Tuesday morning, the team officially unveiled their all new “Battle Red” Helmet on the team’s Instagram and Twitter.

To say this helmet looks clean would be an understatement. It’s essentially the same concept as the classic “Deep Steel Blue” helmet the franchise has been solely committed to for its entire 20 year existence. The iconic Texans logo, navy blue face mask, and recently added “RCM” emblem on the back honoring late Texans owner Bob McNair all remain unchanged. But of course, instead of a navy or “Deep Steel Blue” finish, the helmet is now covered in a beautiful, glossy “Battle Red”.

As expected, Houston will wear these new, alternate helmets as apart of their “Battle Red” uniforms. These uniforms are traditionally worn once at year at home on “Battle Red Day”, and feature an all red look, as opposed to the usual navy blue jersey and white pants. This look has always been the most popular amongst Houston fans, and with the addition of the red helmet, the alternate uniform is officially complete.

With the NFL finally allowing teams to wear alternate helmets in 2022, it makes sense that the Texans have chosen to unveil a red one, given that it has been in demand by fans for years. However, the move still comes as a shock for many Texans fans, who are not used to the team making bold moves to change things up.

For years fans have complained about an organization in Houston that is stuck in their ways. This is represented in seemingly insignificant things such as the stadium roof always being closed or the uniforms never changing. Although these things don’t technically affect winning, the overall lack of change in ideology as an organization has led to very little on field success and the departure of star talent over the years.

For these reasons, the helmet change is not just an exciting redesign. For Houston fans, it serves as proof that a new, better era is being ushered in both on and off the field under a new regime. In fact, team President Greg Grissom had this to say about the decision:

We’re thrilled to debut our new Battle Red Helmet as we continue to evolve as an organization. We’ve consistently shown we’re not afraid to try new things, so we jumped at the chance to design an alternate helmet that will complement our uniforms, especially the Battle Red jersey.

Texans Team President Greg Grissom on new helmets via Click2Houston.com

Grissom also noted that fans will get a sneak peak of the helmets during an open Training Camp practice on Saturday July, 30th with the addition of ongoing giveaways. And of course, fans will officially see the helmets in action this year on “Battle Red Day”, a Thursday Night Football showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 3rd.

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