Texans Legend Likes Direction Of Team Under New Coach

June 11, 2022

Former Texans’ Wide Receiver and all-time great Andre Johnson approves of the direction the team appears to be going under new head coach Lovie Smith. And, after a few years of tense relations between the sole member of the Texans’ ring of honor and the upper-level management, it appears both sides are finally back to animosity. That should mean something to all Texans fans for a multitude of reasons.

Johnson attended OTA’s earlier this week and had plenty to say about the team under Smith’s guidance. One of the things Johnson says he has immediately noticed is Smith’s style of leadership:

Lovie’s just a straightforward guy, He’s going to tell you what you need to know. He does a great job of putting his guys in the best position to be successful.


Evidently, Smith has made a strong first impression on Johnson, but their mutual respect for one another actually stems from many years ago.

Johnson played for the Texans from 2003-2014 and is obviously considered one of the all-time greats in Texans’ history. Johnson faced Smith three times when Smith was coaching the Chicago Bears. In those three contests, Johnson caught 16 passes for 214 yards and a pair of scores. Back then, Smith would remark on the difficulty of stopping Johnson from making an impact on the field. Now that Johnson’s playing days are over, his relationship with Smith has only grown:

Since he’s gotten the head coaching job, we’ve had a great relationship,”I could always reach out to him. He always can reach out to me. So I’m excited about where the organization is headed.”

When you get that kind of endorsement from one of the greatest of all the time to play for the Texans, you know you’re doing something right.

Best Texans’ Head Coaching Hire Ever?

Andre Johnson’s comments give a key insight into why the team made the somewhat surprising move to hire Lovie Smith. When I first heard of the hire, I actually liked the move because I like Smith as a coach. He has numerous years of experience as a head coach and has even been to a Super Bowl. Despite his coaching record (90-92 overall), he has the knowledge and experience to help move this franchise forward.

Above all, this guy is a certified winner in my opinion. That’s what the Texans need right now, someone who knows how to win in this league. Of course, it may take some time, given the state of the roster. But, if Texans fans were able to get through these past few years, they can afford to be patient for a little longer. Once that initial wait is over, the value of hiring Smith will begin to show.

In fact, out of all the coaching hires the Texans have made, this is the best hire in my opinion because of Smith’s aforementioned experience and knowledge. I think the younger players on this team would greatly benefit from Smith’s knowledge of the game and that will definitely help them grow as players. The veterans will also appreciate Smith’s background and be more willing to “buy-in”, even on a losing team.

The first year may be rough, but that’s expected. Everyone is still getting used to something new. However, it won’t be long until this team wins more games. After all, Andre Johnson is trusting the process, so we fans should too.

What are your thoughts on the Lovie Smith hire? How big is it that Andre Johnson is back to helping the Texans? Leave a comment below!

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